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James Henry Hayes
Private, Company C

James Henry Hayes was born on 1 Jul 1836 in Grayson County, Kentucky. He was the son of James Hayes and Sarah Gore. He married his first wife Ethelina Haycraft on 28 Jun 1854 in Grayson County. After divorcing his first wife, James married his second wife Margaret Jane (Maggie) Houchen in 1877 in Grayson County. Maggie was born on 19 Mar 1849 in Grayson County, Ky. She died on 05 Dec 1926 in Grayson County, Kentucky. Early census records show the last name as being Hayse. Later records show the last name as Hayes.

James and Ethelina had the following children:

  1. Sarah Hayes b. 1855 Grayson County, Ky.
  2. Gilla Hayes b. 27 Feb 1857 Grayson County, Ky.
  3. John James Hayes b. 19 Apr 1859 Grayson County, Ky.
  4. McHenry Hayes b. 1861 Grayson County, Ky. , d. 28 Jun 1852 Grayson County, Ky.
  5. Lawson Hayes b. 1864 Grayson County, Ky.
  6. Emily Jane Hayes b. 23 Aug 1866 Grayson County, Ky., d. 28 Feb 1961 Cincinnati, Oh. (Emily Jane was my great grandmother)
  7. Martha Hayes b. 1869 Grayson County, Ky.
  8. Stephen Oscar Hayes b. Jun 1879 Grayson County, Ky.
  9. Mary R. Hayes

James and Margaret Jane (Maggie) had only one child:

  1. William O. Hayes b. 29 Sep 1871 Grayson County, Ky. d. 07 Sep 1885 Grayson County, Ky. (William died from scarlet fever at the age of 13.)

The following is the military record of James Henry Hayes based on his military and pension application records:

James Henry Hayes joined for duty and enrolled Oct 28, 1861 at Camp Calloway, Hartford, Ohio County, Kentucky. He was mustered in at Calhoun, Ky. 4 Jan 1862. At the time he was described as being 24 years old, height 5 ft. 7 in., complexion - dark, eyes - blue, hair - dark. He initially was assigned to Co. E, 17th Ky. Regiment with rank of Drummer. On 30 Apr 1862 he was transferred to Company C with rank of Private. On 10 July 1862 he was reappointed with rank of Drummer. He was declared AWOL from 18 Sep 1862 through March 31, 1863. He was dropped as a deserter on March 31, 1863 at Nashville, Tennessee. On Oct 10, 1863, James was listed as sick in post hospital in Munfordsville, Ky. During the period of November - December 1863 he was shown on hospital muster rolls at General Hospital # 3 at New Albany, Indiana. During the period of May - June 1864 he was absent and under charges of desertion. During the period of July - August 1864 he was in Clay U.S. Army Hospital in Louisville, Ky. During the period of November - December 1864 he was transferred to 21st Ky. Infantry Volunteers and Veterans by order of General Thomas, under charges of desertion. During the period January - February 1865 he appeared on the rolls of Demarres Eye and Ear U.S. Army Hospital at Chicago, Illinois. He was discharged from that hospital on 11 Feb 1865. (Note: He suffered a debilitating injury to his right eye and was almost completely blind in that eye by the time he was discharged from the service.) In June 1865 he was left at Nashville, Tennessee to be mustered out in obedience to instructions from War Dept.

In 1887, James applied for pension but was denied. He apparently applied and was accepted later on because it was a known fact that he was receiving a pension at the time of his death. He died on 7 July 1932 in West Leitchfield, Grayson County, Kentucky. He was buried at Wilson Cemetery, Grayson County, Kentucky on 8 July 1932.

Recently I made contact with Pam Phillips, daughter of Cuba (Preston) Phillips of Jeffersonville, Indiana. Her mother was raised by James Henry Hayes and his second wife from the age of 2 through 10. Cuba's mother "gave" her to James Henry and Margaret Jane to raise because they had lost their only son William at an early age. Cuba remembers James Henry quite well. She said that she remembers him getting a Civil War pension every month. She also remembers him being a very kind and happy person. She remembers that every year on his birthday (even in later years) he would stand on his head to show that he could still do it. James died on 7 Jul 1932 in Grayson County, Kentucky. He is buried at Wilson Church cemetery on Wilson Church Road in western Grayson County. I have been to the cemetery and both James and Margaret have their names on the same headstone. Approximately 10 feet away is the tombstone for their 13 year old son William O.

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