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George W. Holloway
Private, H Company, 17th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
Sergeant, Co I, 52nd Kentucky Mounted Infantry

Photo by Barry Goodall

George W. Holloway was enrolled in the 17th Infantry on October 27th, 1861. He was mustered in on January 4, 1862 at Calhoun for a three year term in Company H. He is listed as a deserter with the n note that he deserted on May 11, 1862, near Corinth, Mississippi,

ABSENT may be a more correct title than "deserted" as given in the AG Report. Men in these sections were not with their unit upon muster-out. Some were hospitalized, others dead, others prisioners, and others no doubt AWOL.but see note below.

Sgt. George W. Holloway Co. H, Sgt. Holloway was a tent mate with fellow soldier Frank Havens until the time of the Battle of Shiloh, where Havens was wounded, losing his right eye. Holloway was later discharged himself, but re-enlisted with Company "I" of the 52nd Mounted Infantry. Company "I" was a company that was raised primarily in Butler County. The 52nd Kentucky was used for the protection of local government facilities against Confederate Guerrilla units. George Holloway is buried in Butler County in the community of Needmore at Needmore Cemetery. This cemetery is located on the Needmore Road. [Barry Goodall]

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