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Calvin Kessinger
Private, Co H, 17th Ky Inf

From the AG report, Kasinger, Calvin, Private, Enrolled October 3, 1861. Mustered January 4, 1862 at Calhoon, KY for a three year enlistment. Was discharged on 23 January 1865 at Louisville. Was in Co. D prior to consolidation. [page 972 and 973 AG Report]

Thanks to Eugene Embry for this information:

My great-great-great- grandfather Calvin Kessinger (aka Kaysinger, Kasinger, Casinger) served in this unit during the war. According to his pension files, Calvin was born Aug 14, 1835 and died Nov 25, 1916. He died in Butler County, KY. He is buried at Daniel Morgan Smith Cemetery in Butler County. Eugene Embry

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