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Jaberry Mitchell

Private, Co F, 17th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

Thanks to descendant Ernie Mitchell for the following information recieved about 1 March 2010 (excerpts)

From: "ErnieMitchell" E r n i e M i t c h e l l
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 16:14:46 -0600
Subject: Pvt Jaberry Mitchell, 17th Ky Vol Infantry

...My 2nd great grandfather, Jaberry Mitchell was in the 17th. He was killed by a sharpshooter
not far from the Kennesaw Georgia national battleground on 21 June 1864. When I was a little
boy my grandmother told me he was resting, leaning up against a tree when he was shot
in the head. A relative, I can't remember if she said it was a brother, an uncle, possibly even
his son was with him when he was killed and dug the minie ball from the tree he was resting
against and brought it back to Kentucky. My grandmother said she saw it. I wish
I could remember who she said was with him when he was killed and retrieved the spend round
from the tree. Jaberry's son William R. also served in the 17th as did other Mitchell's from
around the Hartford KY area that I believe were related to Jaberry.

I recently found and visited Jaberry's grave at National Cemetery in Marietta Georgia. My
only daughter and young granddaughter visited the gravesite with me. Since I'm getting
older and live in Northern Minnesota and won't be able to visit for very many more years
my granddaughter "", with the help of her mother, have agreed to periodically visit his
grave with fresh flowers. Though only seven, she shined up to the idea that few things are
more noble than a pretty girl, especially a descendent, placing fresh flowers on an old
soldier's grave.

I'm planning of having a shadow box built to showcase Pvt Jayberry Mitchell's story. It will
be displayed in my daughters home in Marietta where all can see, including my
granddaughter's young friends that sacrifices were make in creating this nation, that it wasn't
free and that the Mitchell's served and paid.

A historian at the Kennesaw National Battlefield told me he thinks the men of the 17th Vol Infantry
carried Pattern 1853 Enfield 57.7 Rifled Muskets. If you feel this is in error I would appreciate
learning more as I am in the market for the long gun, original or reproduction that the 17th carried.

Thank you for your time.

Ernie Mitchell
PS: Attached is a portion of a speech that was given by Col John H. McHenry Jr that I plan to place in the shadow box

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