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Official Record References

The War of Rebellion: A Compilation of the Offical Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

* April 1862, Pittsburg Landing, COL McHenry to BG Laman in Pittsburg Landing; Report of Colonel McHenry of operations at Shiloh on 6 & 7 April. Chap. XXII, Pages 240-242.

* June 10, 1862; Corinth; COL McHenry to COL Ammen; Report of Col Henry for operatations from May 2 to May 30, 1862; Chap. XXII, Pages 684-686

* November 6, 1862; Bowling Green; MG Rosencrans to MG Wright in Cincinnati; " The southwester part of this State has been a disturbed district all summer. It is a granary of supplies for us. I am told a regiment of infantry and two of cavalry will suffice to clear it. I propose to detach McHenry, Seventeenth Kentucky, Rousseau's division, for the infantry, and will send them down to Russellville." Chapter XXXII, Page 16.

* December 1, 1862; Nashville; MG Rosencrans to MG Wright in Cincinnati; "The guerrilla parties have been driven south of the Cumberland. McHenry was lent to Bruce for a few days. The occupation of Clarksville will nearly close the lines and prevent contraband trade in that direction. Please order McHenry to occupy Clarksville, and report tot me as soon as possible." Chapter XXXII, Page 113.

* December 2, 1862; Nashville; MG Rosencrans to MG Wright in Frankfort; " I asked yesterday that McHenry be sent to Clarksville; he could control the country and secure a large amount of forage and provisions. No answer.... "Chapter XXXII, Page 114.

* December 5, 1862; Russellville; Colonel SD Bruce to Colonel Garesche: "Colonel: Your dispact in regard to the occupation of Clarksville by Colonel McHenry is received. General Boyle is unwilling that I should send the regiment there at present..." Chapter XXXII, Page 125.

* December 6, 1862; Nashville; MG Rosencrans to BG Boyle in Louisville; "Forrest was a Columbia yesterday, preparing for a raid via Clarksville...has a battery of six pieces...Bruce and McHenry must concentrate and whip him, and take his pieces." Chapter XXXII, Page 175.

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