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Sipes Brothers
John H, Nathaniel, Simeon, & Charles R.

Privates Co H, 17th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

The Sipes Brothers (John H, Nathanial, Simeon, & Charles R.) were all enrolled in the 17th Infantry on 27 October 1861. All, except for Nathaniel, were mustered on January 4th 1862. John, Simeon, and Charles all deserted. John and Simeon were absent on the 9th of Februrary 1862 at Calhoon. Charles is just listed as deserting in 1862. Nathaniel died in Pittsburg Landing of Fever on April 19, 1862.

A descendent of John, Joanne Burkett, writes:

"These are my ancestors, John H. being my great grandfather. On the site, it shows as having died: Sips, Nathaniel, Private, Co. H, 132

Below that, listed as deserters, are:
Sipes, Charles R., Private, Co. H, 156
Sipes, John H., Private, Co. H, 153
Sipes, Simeon, Private, Co. H, 154

Acording to my records, which include census records, etc., Charles R., John H. and Simeon were brothers. They also had a brother Nathaniel Sipes. I'm thinking this Nathaniel Sips you show is really Nathaniel Sipes.

In the census, below, you can see them:
1850 census, Breckinridge Co., KY, 15 Aug 1850:
Sipes, James; age 46, farmer, real estate value $200, KY, cannot read or write
Nancy, age 44, KY, cannot read or write
Mary A., age 21, fem, KY
William, age 19, male, KY, attended school within year
Thomas S., age 17, male, KY, attended school within year
John, age 15, KY, male, attended school within year
Nathaniel, age 13, KY, male, attended school within year
Martha J., age 12, KY, fem
Simeon, age 9, KY, male
James P., age 7, KY, male
Francis M., age 5, male, KY
Charles R., age 3, male, KY

She also wrote in another email that Charles was only 13 when he enlisted, and that John was the second man in Butler County to have voted for Abe Lincoln.

Joanne Burkett -

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